Tuesday, September 13, 2016

You Don't See Me

"You don't see me."

These words were spoken by a wife to her husband in a movie. When she said that, I had a wtf moment.  How uncomfortable did it make me because he was in the room watching the movie? Could he read my thoughts? Did he know those are the words spoken by the voices in my head?  Are those the voices in everyone's head?  Isn't that what people want. To be seen, acknowledged.  

In a world where we are connected, and I am not referring to technology - we crave a real connection. We want to be seen by our significant other, our children, our parents, our teachers/mentors, by friends and neighbors. When they see us, there is a validation "you matter, you're great, you are loved."  It is because of this connection that we seek true relationships.  That's why I fell in love with the movie Avatar. "I see you." This is why I love the Maori tradition of touching foreheads and noses. This is why I love true, long hugs not the pat on the back.

Here is what I also realize.  The most important validation of "I matter" is from myself. I matter enough to pursue my passions, I matter because I love who I am.  

Am I perfect? No. So what! I am enough.

Are you perfect? If not, so what!  Know that you are enough.