Monday, May 9, 2016

Mothers Day Sucks (sometimes)

One day of not needing anything.  One day of me not asking.

Instead we woke up late (by we, I mean me) to feeling anxious because I needed to make a salad before leaving to a Mothers Day brunch in Santa Paula.  Let me point out that all the moms are cooking for their own brunch, WTF!

When I get anxious, I get grouchy. When I get grouchy, an evil troll named Merva takes over.  Well she was pissed and didn't care about space.  She spat the words "I hate Mothers Day" to Maite who then went and told the others. What she should of said was "can you please hurry and get ready" or "can you make your own breakfast so I don't have to."  My oldest said I was mean.  Merva boiled and snarled "don't speak to me." The husband stayed silent because anything he could possibly say would be taken the wrong way.  Instead, Merva stared with laser eyes wondering how the hell could be just sit there and be quiet?

 I decided to drive because it was the only thing I could control.  The day got better and Merva went into hibernation.  Did I feel bad? Yes.  Have I apologized? Not yet.

All I wanted was a day where someone asked "what can we do to make your day easier?"  I wanted beds to be made, rooms to be clean, children and husband ready and fed. I wanted all this without me involved.

I wanted glitter!


  1. And glitter is what you deserve !!!

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