Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Bring It!

I can't remember the last time I posted something...

It has been a crazy journey, much heartache because I lost my father to cancer.  After more than a year, the fog of sadness is lifting. This man, the first man I was in love with, that man that I would judge all others by was physically gone.  His story is not mine to tell but I can say he was a beautiful soul who loved his family with every fiber of his being.  I am not ready to share that part of my life either. Maybe one day...

This year I also buried one of our tribe.  We went to college together and this man 90% of the time had a smile on his face.  It came as a shock. How can this genuinely good guy have been taken from this earth?  Was it really his time?  Death is still sometimes hard to wrap your head around.

Why am I back?  I keep asking myself that.  I kept flopping back and forth on whether I wanted to breathe life back into I Used To Wear 3-Inch Heels.  What did I have to say?  Was it worth saying?  Maybe.  So I am back!  I will continue to give my views on life, praise the things, music, people I am wild about.  Should I complain (because isn't there enough of that in this world of ours?), it will always end with a positive spin.

So here we  are, 2016 the year of manifestation!  Open arms, open heart let the wind whisper in my ear and remind me to breathe.

This is dedicated to my niece Isabella Alamillo who sent me a message asking when would I start writing again.  Now Isabella! Now!