Monday, January 7, 2013

Musica Monday: Music Transcends Boundaries

I have said in the past and will continue to say, music transcends boundaries.  Music heals, comforts, gets you amped, keeps you company when driving, puts you to sleep at night, wakes you up in the get the picture.

Being on a budget doesn't leave a lot of room for purchasing music.  I always love free downloads (legally) that you can add to your playlist.  Whenever I find a great outlet, I want to share!

On Musica Mondays, I will write about what I am listening to or who you need to listen to (in my opinion).

I love KCRW Today's Top Tune  You will get an e-mail everyday introducing you to the top tune for the day.  I have been introduced to new music many times.  Want to hear something new, a song that is different from everyday radio? Check it out!

Musica Rocks!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Does 2013 Hold For You?

The holidays are over. Well almost, Dia de los Reyes is coming up and I look forward to the Rosca!

2013 has started with our first blessing. Maite turned another year older and she is in perfect health.  Last year we had a minor health scare dealing with her thyroid.  Her doctor told her today" It just disappeared. You have a lot of people who love you and pray for you. This was a special act of someone."  I sat there thinking of her words. So true. I started thinking of all my family and friends who have their own prayer circles and how Maite's name was added to their prayers. I could feel the connection everytime I whisper her name into my prayers.

In looking at FaceBook, I have read resoultions, goals, objectives for the New Year of 2013.  I made no resolutions. I just want to be present. Present in what I do, to not half-listen to conversations because I have other wheels turning in my head.  I also plan to breathe.  I was looking over a past post in which I wrote how I hold my breath a lot without thinking about it.  I will breathe more deeply and actually listen to my intuition, my inner voice.  I will not doubt.  I am woman, I am warrior and will move through life confident and secure in my steps. 

I have said I will write more and stay on top of my blog. I will not say that again. I will do. I will experiment in different directions and styles and discover what it is I really want to say. I will love myself.

What does 2013 hold for you?

Peace & Blessings Always

--your Sol Sista!