Monday, April 16, 2012

Musica Monday

First of all, let me apologize because I fell off the face of the earth and not a blog to be found. I thought I would wander in the dark for a while letting the best of my sad emotions get the best of me. 

I know consistency is key to being a blogger but I needed to check out from everything for a while.

Now for your groovin' pleasure.  I would like to introduce you to the DDB YouTube Project. His name is Daniel De Bourg and he can sing the hell out of a song!  You can download his mixtape for FREE or give a donation.  I downloaded both and yes, I gave a donation!   The added extra is that his accent is so sexy! Mujeres, turn on your ears. Hombres, this better be on your play list!

 I must credit my wonderful amiga Lizz Carroll for introducing me to his music! Lizz is a wonderful writer and you can read her blog Lizz Loves


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    1. For some reason the comment form isn't showing up for me, but it gives me the option of piggy-backing on someone else's comment (so I will!)

      Thanks for the music share! His voice is great!!

  2. He has a record deal, right? He is amazing

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