Monday, January 23, 2012

Musica Monday...I love the freebies!

With only one income coming into the house, I have given up things like weekly mani/pedis at the salon, buying coffee everyday and shopping sprees.  A hard one to give up was buying music.  I have a nice collection of CD's and now downloadable music I have purchased from Itunes.  With that said, I love offers for free music.

I get free music from the Starbuck's cards they give out and from KCRW Today's Top Tune.  I get a weekly email announcing the artist and title of the song.  Everyday it is a different genre of music.  If you have an open ear to anything new, check it out and subscribe. 

So for todays Musica Monday, check out KCRW and listen to Hector Guerra "What's Up?"  It has a great beat, a must add to the Muevete Maria playlist.

May the good vibes begin...

disclosure:  I was not paid for this post but I believe in sharing good music (especially when it's free)


  1. If you haven't yet discovered Pandora, you're welcome.

    And thanks for the goose to get a free tune from KCRW. I always forget about that!

  2. I can't wait for these kids to start supporting themselves...I miss my weekly mani/pedi's. lol

  3. Ladies, thanks for the comments. Kim, Pandora. I just discovered it on my Nook Color. Desiree, lets plan to go together and Shelby, you rock. Thank you for the love.

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