Monday, January 23, 2012

Musica Monday...I love the freebies!

With only one income coming into the house, I have given up things like weekly mani/pedis at the salon, buying coffee everyday and shopping sprees.  A hard one to give up was buying music.  I have a nice collection of CD's and now downloadable music I have purchased from Itunes.  With that said, I love offers for free music.

I get free music from the Starbuck's cards they give out and from KCRW Today's Top Tune.  I get a weekly email announcing the artist and title of the song.  Everyday it is a different genre of music.  If you have an open ear to anything new, check it out and subscribe. 

So for todays Musica Monday, check out KCRW and listen to Hector Guerra "What's Up?"  It has a great beat, a must add to the Muevete Maria playlist.

May the good vibes begin...

disclosure:  I was not paid for this post but I believe in sharing good music (especially when it's free)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Musica Monday: You Are Not Alone In This

As I was folding laundry (because it is one of the things I tend to do a lot) I was watching a new episode of Hell On Wheels.  It is one of my top choice shows because it's a gritty western dealing with the building of the railroad and it has one of my favorite rappers as a main character, Common

What does this have to do with Musica Monday you ask?  In the opening scene there is a battle and what caught my attention was the song played in the background. It went perfectly with the scene that was moving in slow motion.  It was "Timshel" by Mumford and Sons.  I was reminded how beautiful the song is and realized I had not heard it in quite some time.

Part of the lyrics to the song are:
  And you are not alone in this
  But you are not alone in this

  As brothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand
  Hold your hand

What this song personally means to me is that I am not alone. I have family, friends and God and for that I am grateful.  It reminds me that my action causes a reaction. So my intention for today is to choose my words carefully.

Thank you.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Breathe...Don't gasp

I wanted to share this post at the beginning of the New Year as not only a reminder to myself but as something we can all share in. (notice I said all?)

I was at the kitchen sink washing dishes with speed.  It was almost pushing the sponge into the plate trying to make it meld into one.  I wasn't really paying attention to the action because I was inside my head making a to do list for the rest of the evening when all of a sudden a big gust of wind came through the window.  It blew my hair back and I stopped what I was doing, closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  I smiled and said out loud, "I hear you. Thank you."  My daughter was walking in and asked who I was talking to. I replied that I was talking to the Universe because it was telling me to breathe.  Her response, "duh mom, if you don't you'll die" to which I took a deep breath again (to keep me from throwing the sponge).

It was then I noticed how I tend to hold my breath when I am trying to rush through a task.  Well, no resolutions for 2012 but breathe.  Let the deep breaths give you a sense of calm, may the deep breaths remind you how blessed life is and may deep breaths keep you from chucking something at your kids!

For music Monday...I choose Breathe (2 a.m.) by Anna Nalick

Also, the picture brings me a sense of calm. It was drawn by Maite who turns 9 today.