Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh here come those resolutions!

The New Year is upon us and with that, resolutions start to rattle in your head.  I will lose weight, I will blog more, I will see friends more often, I will be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, I will, I will, I will....

This time I am taking a new approach.  I will just be.  I will just breathe.  This doesn't mean I will do nothing and have the world pass me by. What it does mean is that I won't be crazy with the lists. I will slow down to smell the flowers and enjoy what I have.

We are all blessed. Let's honor ourselves and each other.  My request to the Universe is that you receive many blessings in 2012, that you be happy and feel peace in your heart.

I look forward to 2012. Prospero Ano Nuevo.

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