Sunday, September 11, 2011

LAUSD Is The Matrix

I am Morpheus in search of "The One" who has the answers and the strength to fight the matrix that is LAUSD.  The One knows who to speak to, knows who to trust in order to accomplish his/her mission. 

I am depressed and angry.  My husband, the Oracle tells me "Stop fighting it. Everything that is happening is supposed to be happening. There is a reason."  I want to throw my sponge at his forehead.

We face Mr. Smith on Monday. What will he tell us?   When Mr. Smith states that he cares about the students and is making the decisions in their best interest. Is this the point I yell "there is no spoon!"

I am not sure if The One will make it but I will be there. I will put on my emotional armour and listen to the words that are being spoken before I react and I will be wearing a cool pair of dark sunglasses.

Neo, I need I you!

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  1. Love it ~~ looking forward to a sequel, in which much will be revealed...