Friday, August 12, 2011

What Will I Be When I Blog Up?

I am part of some pretty amazing blogger groups (Moms LA. Los Angeles Latina Bloggers, Latina Lifestyle Bloggers and Blogs by Latinas) and it was fun reading all the excitement prior to the Blogher conference in San Diego. Part of me was sad and a little bit jealous that I wasn't going. The reasons are simple: financial, school and I wasn't sure who I would be promoting if I went. I am a blogger, yes! What kind of blogger am I? Up until a week ago, I was a blogger who didn't have business cards.

I still feel like a newbie because I am not consistent in my posts. I am like a cold sore (herpes virus) that keeps appearing and disappearing. The only difference is that my trusted followers like my posts and aren't trying to get rid of me with a frozen spoon or Abreva. There is always positive support and comments.

I am a mama, so that makes me a mom blogger. I am a woman, so that makes me a female blogger. I am a Latina, so that makes me a Latina blogger. But these aren't boundaries because I am a Latina mother who loves the arts (musicals, museums, plays), movies, music, food and anything else positive that this life has to offer. So I am a member of this big Universe blogger.

I have written on my children, dichos/sayings from my abuela, life lessons, my inner struggles, my outer struggles. My only rule is that whatever I write be from a positive perspective.

Should I downsize on my focus? Should I be more focused? These are the hamsters in my head that continues to turn the wheel. Will my friends who are more seasoned bloggers take me under their wing and mentor me or answer my many questions and then throw me from the nest when I am ready to fly solo? Or aren't I already flying solo but I want to be within a flock?

What should I be when I blog up?


  1. Boy, do I get what you are saying. You just described me perfectly. I'm a newbie blogger too and would love some guidance in this blogging universe. So many great latina bloggers out there.

  2. Then we shall explore this big blogging universe together. Just promise not to shove me in front of a meteorite. Just kidding.

  3. Maria, you are exactly where you should be. We've all been there. I promise you that with time, you will figure out your focus. The best advice I can give you is to keep it real and go with your passion. The best posts are those that are easiest to write -- because you know and believe in what you're sharing. Your readers will appreciate your authenticity.


    Angelica @ New Latina

  4. I know how ya feel! And it's great that you are going to write positive posts. (I know I can't always keep the whine out of my cheese!). Look forward to reading your stuff! :)

  5. You'll know it as it comes, is all I can say. Don't worry about limiting yourself too much, but do focus on what you love to write about. You're blogging up very nicely!