Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What do you get when you take 8 kids to the beach?

I have earned my mother's medal of honor today.  I put on my super hero cape (it's invisible) and took 8 kids to the beach. 

I didn't lose anyone. I wasn't buried alive in sand.  The kids were awesome with each other. There were no fights. No crying. Oh wait, just one. Poseidon commanded the waves to flip the boogie board and hit my daughter in the tummy. I shook my fist at him.

The only problem were the seagulls who kept trying to get at our snacks.  They pretended they were just cruising through the sand as they made their way towards my Costco bag and when they noticed I wasn't looking, they tried to bust the bag. They are feisty little creatures.  I refused to reward their bad behavior and gave them nothing. If I could have given them a time out on the lifeguard station, I would have.

All in all, we are enjoying our last week of a free summer before school starts.

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