Tuesday, June 21, 2011

With Summer Come Stinky, Sweaty Kids. Yuck!

When I ask my daughters to take a shower, it then leads into a q & a session. (please note, my replies are in bold because that is the tone I take with them.) Why do I have to shower, I took one yesterday? You ate yesterday and you ate today. Take a shower. Do I have to wash my hair? Yes! Should I put on pajamas? Are you going out? No. Take a shower! Do I have to wash my...EVERYTHING! Go jump in the shower and I need you to scrub everything including your armpits!

I fondly remember the days my girls loved to bathe. Playing in the tub until the water got cold, making them look like punk rockers with the shampoo in their hair. I know I am not making this up because I have the photos to prove it. What happens between the age of 8 and 12? Why does my 8 year old smell like an onion after playing all day? I would hate to think that I am the only mom going through this exciting chapter in my life.

My 11 year old daughter has started to use deoderant this year. She hasn't quite hit that peak of puberty yet but the stinky armpits after p.e. in middle school was too much to bear. But what of my 8 year old? Is it too soon for deoderant?

So I find myself playing 20 questions with her. Mija, are you scrubbing everywhere? Yes. Baby girl (I have to keep the affection going), even your feet, your "pompis" (butt) and your armpits?
Yes! Do you want me to go in and scrub you? No!

My fellow mothers, how soon is too soon? Do I move forward? The funny thing is I was introduced to a web-site Don't Fret The Sweat (www.don'tfretthesweat.com) recently. It has expert advice on speaking to your tweens about "smells" and the choices of deoderants. Pretty cool stuff and for the Spanish speaker, they do have an "espanol" section. They are at a vulnerable age and me yelling "girl...what the heck is gong on with those pits?!" I know doesn't help. This whole puberty thing as a mother is new to me. Dios me ampare....

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by Unilever Don't Fret The Sweat campaign but I wouldn't mind a free deoderant (just kidding).


  1. i have two boys a 9 and 7 year old and let me tell you the 7 year old is using deordorant and to get them in the shower, dios Mio, Its like fighting a battle from World War II. The resistance and the stink can be unbareable... so yes I feel your pain.

  2. I don't have kids but i do know I developed early. My mom was really afraid of the aluminum and all the cancer scares (it was the 80's, lol) but she made me put coconut powder under my arms and gave me some baby wipes to carry to school for those moments i needed it. it was embarrassing as heck being in school, but it helped!