Thursday, June 2, 2011

Judy Moody - Part of the Chilindrina Squad!

For most Latinas, memories of watching the Chilindrina get into messy adventures with El Chavo and Quico was a family event. This was a tradition where parents and children both got a laugh watching this show. I loved the Chilindrina because she always held her own and her ponytails were not even and she didn't care!

I now share these moments with my children. We love girls with messy hair and crazy adventures!

Maite, my 8 year old is currently reading Judy Moody books in class and got so excited that we are going to the screening next week. The movie Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer releases on June 10th in theaters nationwide.

I now want you to share this adventure with your familia. Join us on June 8th at the Director's Guild Theater in Hollywood. The "pachanga" starts at 4 p.m. (so mamas, allow time for traffic because we live in Los Angeles) as we see la Judy make the most of her summer. We have tickets for two lucky winners and their familia.

Just leave a comment asap and I will announce the winner via e-mail on Sunday!

To give you a tease, check out the website at:


  1. I am a disciple of the Chilindrina Mocosa club! And now my baby girl is the newest member. I loved how she ruled la vecindad. Que viva la girl power!

  2. My kids love whatching El Chavo and La Chilindrina even though they don't have a clue what's being said in Spanish. Funny huh? They crack up anyway.