Monday, May 23, 2011

Year of Transition

I'm back......
I have all these ideas for stories in my head but have not put down into writing. Basically people, at the age of 45 (almost 46) I feel like I have been in transition this whole year. Mid-life crisis? Maybe...But I like to think I am making changes for a better me. If I am a better me, than it will make me a better mom, friend, sister, wife and person you run into the street. I won't be the person yelling profanities in my car because you just cut me off and I had to slam on the brakes.

So transitions taking place...

1. I am studying for a new career as a massage therapist. I am going to IBSP in Culver City and I love it. I am facing things about myself and getting rid of fears (like getting naked on the massage table under the sheets--talk about taking deep breaths). This also includes taking tai chi with instructor Jordan Allen. I find when I start my morning with a sense of calm, there isn't a whole lot that can rattle me through the day. Truly I love this journey and will be writing about it because I am now ready to share.

2. I decided to take the Whole Foods 28 day Challenge with fellow mom & blogger extrodanaire (is that spelled right?) Sarah Auerswald. I just completed the first week and I will definitely be writing about that! You can also read Sarah's daily post of the challenge.

3. I am purging my home of STUFF. Remember George Carlin? He talked about this. Well, I am going through it, getting rid of it, giving it away and taking deep breaths through it all.

4. I am getting my sexy back. After looking in the mirror and realizing I was way overdue in covering the grays (because I thought I could just go gray and love it--not so much), was tired of wearing "estrechy" pants and no make up, settling into "what the heck, I won't run into anyone today" or "please don't let me run into anyone today"....I have decided to rip these chains off and get my sexy back. I have all this great jewelry that is sitting in more! Next mission: Buy a red lipstick!

With these things alone, I have lots of material so priorities back in order! Life back in order! Deep breaths definitely in order! I'm back.