Monday, March 14, 2011

MOMnesia Moment #1

Moms, mamas, madres, mamasan, mamacitas....we all have them. It is what my husband calls "momnesia." You are in the middle of a sentence and completely forget what you were saying because you see your toddler running across the kitchen with something he shouldn't have or you are looking frantically for the keys to your car not realizing they are in your hands. We have all had them. So I am dedicating a section that I lovingly title "MOMnesia Moment". Truthfully, we hope it is only a moment and that it will eventually get better.

This story was given to me by my Chilena girlfriend who shall remain nameless but lives in Santa Monica and has a daughter in high school.

As most mornings go, mom was rushing daughter out the door to take her to school and then trek in morning traffic to work. It wasn't until she arrived at work and realized that she was walking funny. She looked down and noticed two brown boots but they weren't the same! One boot had a thin heel and the other had a thick heel. Que verguenza! She stayed at her desk the whole day, missed going down for coffee and out to lunch. She called to relay the story and I was laughing hysterically. I was not laughing at her but with her because Mamas have these moments. It is one of the wonderful things we all have in common--crazy stories.

I hope you enjoyed and if you would like to share a momnesia moment, please do.

What was I talking about?

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