Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dichos de Mi Abuela #3

This dicho came from the lands of the Irish (who have as many dichos, superstitions,Catholics, beautiful land and people like Mexico--cousin!)

She'll never die in her bed

translation: She has done so many things that are bad death is bound to come for her. She won't have the privilege of dying in her own bed (after all, isn't that the way everyone wants to go?)

How it was used:

I was having lunch with some beautiful people I used to work with and we were talking about how different publicists are today and the training that they have. The fact that a mean publicist doesn't necessarily make a good publicist. One particular person came up in the conversation and how she is mean to her employees for the fact that she can be. Really? Mean doesn't get you a place in heaven. This woman who has everyone "scared straight" and that's when my Irish amiga said "she'll never die in her bed." I almost choked on my ice tea and then told her I am using it in my blog.

Don't let anyone say this about you. Keep it positive.


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