Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Gift

With Valentine's Day around the corner (tomorrow!), I wanted to send much love to friends and family and my 8 faithful followers. In the words of my father "I love you 9 times."

After being married for 13 years (and dating for 6 before that), I have learned not to get overly excited about gifts for any holiday. I have come to accept that men and women are truly different when it comes to gifts. Men tend to go for the easiest of gifts while my "sistas" tend to personalize gifts or at least most of them do.

My Valentine's gift came early and my husband has not realized it yet. As most marriages, you hit bumps on the road and after a very long time, we had a big freaking boulder on the road. We weren't using our communication skills but our avoidance skills were in tip top shape. I was determined not to be the first one to break out my bucket and spackle (is that right?) to start patching things up.

Friends didn't understand what was going on. How could I be mad at one of the "nice guys?" I know, I began to wonder myself. But back to the gift....right?

In our conversation he acknowledged the fact that with the birth of our 3 child, I stopped working and became a full time mother. He acknowledged (I LOVE THIS WORD) that it was hard to stay at home all day and do what I do. He said "HE COULDN"T DO IT." WOW! I swear I heard angels singing in the heavens. What a beautiful gift. These are the words that I held on to and have stored in the pocket of my heart.

So boyfriends, husbands, lovers...praise your woman for the strong beautiful person that she is. Praise the simple things she does to the way she makes you feel. Give her words that feed the soul and if you can carry a tune, sing her a song of praise (and throw in a foot rub).

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!