Friday, December 17, 2010

What do you leave to this earth?

I was recently with my daughter at Pavillion's. She was with her Girl Scout troop asking customers to purchase non-perishable food to help feed homeless and families in need. A couple of parents and myself would stand off to the side as they approached people coming into the store.

These were the typical responses:
1. They would stop and have a quick conversation with the girls, take the flyer and return to the table with some cans or other supplies. Que bonito.

2. They would respectfully respond with "No thank you. I can't today." Again, que bonito that they were polite.

3. They would keep walking never acknowledging that a young girl was speaking to them. Seriously?! It was a good thing that I was not in "La Gata" mode. Dang, wanted to pull out the power of the chancla and beat some sense into some people. The funniest one was of a person looking at the kids like they were aliens, then turned to look at his companion looking for some guidance of "what do I do?" while she continued to walk never acknowledging anyone was talking to them. Again! Que la chintola!

I stood there and watched these young girls not get defeated by group 3 folks and continue on with their mission. I know it is the holidays and every non-profit you can think of is parked in front of the market, mall and other public place. I am not telling you to give to everyone but be a "human" and respond with a "no thank you" or "yes, here you go." Manners go a long way.

Remember, Peace on Earth. Keep it positive and spread the good energy.

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