Thursday, December 23, 2010

Count Your Blessings..."O Veras...."

As I sit here contemplating the midnight sale at Toys R Us tonight because yours truly is "La Reina de Procrastinationlandia," I can't help but ask myself AGAIN, "Why oh Why Guadalupe (because you know its serious when I call myself by my middle name) do you wait until the last minute to go shopping? The answer varies...
1. Financial: I need to wait all the bills are paid and see what I have to spend. That's part of it.
2. No clue for gifts: I asked spouses for ideas and they didn't know. I asked siblings for ideas, "tampoco."
3. I would like the gift to have some sort of special meaning to myself and to them. Wow! What pressure I put on myself. I know! I really don't like giving gift cards because it is so easy but I should learn to embrace easy and go with the flow.

But beyond this gift giving...I realize what they bring into my life. Blessings. Blessings of family, Blessings of friendship. An acknowledgement that I am not alone in this world.

The holiday season began with a get together at the De La Garza home. Tamales and desserts. What more could you want? I saw friends I had not seen in a long time and it was great catching up on each other's lives. Next up....Sushi night!

I gave four massages this week. Nothing wrong with some extra money. Maria Felix eyebrows, here I come!

Maite had play dates twice this week with Oscar and Cayla. Her social calendar is so much busier than mine.

Today was a special day for so many reasons. It began with my neice Luna coming over today and she was in a huggable mood and gave everyone kisses before leaving for Atlanta with her father.

My friend Mary, whom I lovingly call "la pinche chota" brought me tamales dulces and some pan dulce for the kids. I haven't decided if I will tell Chuy that the tamales are in the refrigerator.

We spent the evening catching up with my compadre Tino and his family. The girls made bunuelos and cookies with Nicki-bird and Andivi. Through Tino, I have become friends with La Ashley and Rocky and today I met Nathan. Mucho gusto Nathan. I got to see the Baca family and spend some quality time with Raquel and Ralph. This day was so much more special because they always make bunuelos on the 23rd of December. It is my comadre Ludim's birthday (which I facebooked that she is in the heavens serving cake to angels and welcoming new souls into the "cielo").

This is the true spirit of Christmas. The lasting friendships that touch your life. But I want to make sure that all these people know how much I LOVE them and am BLESSED by them. With this said, I need to get my Happy New Year cards out and the gifts that are a token of my love for them. So when I hit the mall tomorrow, it's this feeling I will keep in my heart as I play tug of war with a stranger for the sweater on sale!

Feliz Navidad to anyone reading this. Actually Feliz Navidad to the Universe! Peace & Blessings for everyone in 2011. Namaste!

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