Monday, November 15, 2010

I got your back girl...

My amiga/homie/sista Mary had posted on Facebook a comment asking people to delete certain documents should she die (all this was done in humor people, don't get depressed). I responded that I had her back, I would burn the whole computer to be safe.

Well...this got me to thinking. What am I hiding that I wouldn't want Chuy, the girls or any other family member to see? I have some word documents on the computer of angry letters I have written to Chuy but he could read and see how articulate I can be in anger. Hmmm, no old love letters from the past(got rid of those long ago), credit card bills (he knows). My journals the girls could read once they were older. I am leaving those under the care of my sister Lucy. The only other thing I asked her to do was to go through my drawer and throw away the "granny" chones. You know everybody has some... I don't need Chuy thinking "Shallow Hal". You know the scene.

So what do you have in your drawers besides "drawers"? What secrets line the pages of your journals, what photographs do you have buried in boxes? Make a plan with one of your girls. They always have your back.


  1. Oh god, there are so many things I would need to shred - or have shred - in the event of... I better get on it! Thanks for the reminder!

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