Monday, October 18, 2010

Rainy Days a la Mexicana

I love the smell of rain. You can smell the earth. It reminds me of my long, long ago visit to Zacatecas. It also reminds me of how my mom would come to pick us up from school and as we walked home (yes people, she didn't drive yet), we would jump in the puddles and run in the rain with her yelling "Se van enfermar!" The best part of the rain was the treat we had waiting for us. My mama would make hot chocolate (abuelita style) and a piece of pan dulce on the side. Pure heaven…

It is these memories that I want to carry on to my children. Yes, they too love jumping in puddles. They also love their chocolate y pan dulce. Maite likes the sprinkles, Maia likes the concha de chocolate, Gael likes the one with the calabaza filling and mama loves the "cochinitos" (referring to the bread and the kids – lol).

So on this rainy day mi gente, bust out your pot, warm the milk and drop the bar of chocolate (The abuelita comes in instant too).