Friday, September 17, 2010

En memoria de una memoria

This week I received some sad news. A friend from college died from cancer. The crazy thing was that I had just asked about Lauro while we were on vacation. Every now and then he popped into my head and I wondered how he was and what he was up to. With this wonderful technology of Face Book, I looked to see if perhaps he was on there. Who knew there were many Lauros?

I met Lauro at Cal State Northridge in a history class. How could I not notice the fact that there was another Latino in the class and he was hella good looking. Lauro was not only "guapo" but a genuinely, super nice guy. We became friends and for a while he, Lizette and I hung out and went to the CSUN parties together. I had a secret crush but never said anything because the crushes I had never worked out, they didn't crush back but that's another story.

I don't know why we didn't stay in touch after graduation. Why is that? How many times have we formed these great friendships in high school, college and/or work and once that chapter closes, not everyone moves on to the next journey. You get busy with life and so focused on the now, until you hear a song, smell a scent or see something that brings that person vividly into your mind. For the most part, it is always a fond memory because what good does it do anybody to hold onto the heartbreak, the anger. That energy doesn't suit you.

I will never have the chance to touch base again with Lauro in this lifetime. Maybe the next...I pray for God to give his family strength and I write this as a way of lighting a candle to Lauro. As I have said in other posts, let us praise all that is positive into this universe, let us hold high all that is special even if we temporarily forgot about it. I want to put Lauro's name into the heavens and let anyone who reads this know what a special person he was. Rest in peace...


  1. I don't know why we never stay in touch with old friends either. One of my good friends passed away 3 years ago. We were good friends growing up, but we lost touch. I was so upset when she died because there was so much we could've caught up on. She tried getting together several times, but I never had the time.

  2. Jackie. Thank you for your post. It is so true. Needless to say, I am trying to do a better job of calling friends and writing to them (through letters - the old fashioned way). Looking forward to your comments on future blogs.
    Peace & Blessings.