Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Father's Day Toast

I was watching the movie "Julie & Julia" (or is it Julia & Julie?) with a friend and I was blown away by how much Julia's husband was in love with her. It was a toast over dinner when he stood up and said "You are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life." Like a knuckle head, I teared up, looked over at my friend Ana and said "Really? Movies like these set us up! No man in real life would say this, would he?" We laughed, not the men we know. But then again, Linda's husband is a romantic. Yay Linda!!

Well my people, I have thought about this for a while now. God bless my husband. He is no poet, he can't write me a song or paint me a picture. I still wait for him to set up a date night or make a candle light dinner. This man who got me with his calm nature (the six pack abs, long hair and nipple ring helped too) proposed in a helicopter flying over the coast at sunset. That was my piece of magic that I keep in the pocket of my heart. This is the man who stayed home for 2 weeks when each child was born to help bathe and change them. This is the man who does mechanics on my families cars, on my friends cars, plumbing and any other handy man task you throw his way without a complaint. This is the man who makes me french toast for Mother's Day and makes sure to close the bedroom door so I can sleep in late on weekends (8 a.m. counts for late in the mothers handbook. See Chapter 3, paragraph 4)

So.....I may not get that wonderful toast but I do get so much more. So lover, husband, friend...Happy Fathers Day! I love you "media naranja." You are the beacon that shines bright and steady in the heaviest of storms that leads me safely home.

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  1. Did you say nipple ring? I am so glad that I did not know that before, b/c I couldn't have gotten through a parent teacher conference with that crazy tidbit of info. You crazy kids!