Monday, June 21, 2010

Dichos De Mi Abuela

The Celestial Committee has put me in charge of raising 3 children.

How do I not screw this up? Is it trial and error? When I was pregnant with Maia, I would cry hysterically in the shower asking myself "What did you get yourself into? Pendeja!!" I felt like I had made so many mistakes in life, how could I possibly be in charge of someone else? Well, 3 children later, I still ask myself the same questions but I am alot nicer to myself.

There are no "real" mistakes and or accidents. Everything that happens is for a reason. The lesson may not hit us right away but it does eventually come.

With these 3 wonderful beings, I find myself sounding more and more like my mother. Especially with the questions, Why? and How Come? Where I resented the sayings my mother used to come out with, I now embrace them and they have become part of my life.

So, I hope to post a weekly "dicho" passed on to me by my mother or abuelitas. God Bless them. It is part of our culture and tradition.

The first dicho is "Los ninos son como los dedos de las manos. No son iguales." Translation: Children are like the fingers on your hand. None of them are the same.

So true! All 3 of mine are different. Is it middle child syndrome or is it the fact that we nicknamed her the viking. Does the baby get away with everything or is it that by the time we have the 3rd child, we are not as uptight about minor things? Don't sweat the small stuff, right?

For those that are scratching their head and mumbling all religions and politics....everyone has their own interpretation of these words. Whose to say that it is wrong? It is just for your reading pleasure and for those that don't agree or like it, hit delete.


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