Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Follow the light...Carol Ann

Being the P.T.A. president is not an easy task especially when you are juggling two girl scout schedules, take care of two 2 year olds and still have to cook, clean and do laundry...not to mention homework (I thought I did 5th grade already). It is especially hard when you only have the faithful Mar Vista 7 (the moms who I can always count on) but lack the support of administration and teachers. It is a bummer.

Where am I going with this, you ask? Well, with the lack of support I told myself I would show them and not do anything for teacher appreciation week. Cabrones, why should I volunteer my time serving breakfast to people that didn't appreciate what we were trying to do? The truth is that there is a handful of teachers that are excellent in what they do and are grateful but I wasn't focusing on that...hence, I was Darth Vader. I focused on what is not going right.

For those who don't know...I am going to school to become a massage therapist and it includes a change within myself. The school, IBSP in Culver City is awesome! The instructors are awesome and I went through the first 150 hours with a great group of people. During this journey, we learn to let go of baggage we have been holding onto, let go of emotions buried deep within ourselves, we laughed, cried and breathed and learned how to give super, yummy, delicious massages. I reminded myself "You are not Darth Vader cabrona (this is the term of endearment I call myself when I am lecturing myself). Walk into the light Guadalupe, it's a much better place.

So, with this new attitude that I am constantly working on....PTA will be hosting a continental breakfast for the teachers in honor of their hard work and I will keep reminding myself to stay out of the "dark side" because it's cold and it's not easy to breathe through the helmet...

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