Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Blogxican is Back!

So much for keep the resolutions. Chingado.

Actually, I have a good reason. Ok, maybe not. Yes, I do. I have been in school studying bodywork since January. I am learning massage through the art of Tai Chi and I love it!

The hours are long twice a week but it's a place I go where folks know me as Maria and not mom. It's my thing. Trust me, Chuy is reaping the benefits. He is my number one to get on the massage table and practice. The anatomy is a lot of work because I must memorize the muscles, bones and their actions.

But...I do miss expressing my thoughts by tapping away at the keyboard. I have all these ideas floating around in my head but I need to share with my faithful 7. I am also learning to let go. I have resigned from some committees at school, I don't say yes to everything (Oprah would smile but say I need some more work) and realizing that some battles aren't worth having.

So I will continue to study anatomy, petrissage, fan and strip the muscles and fan the colon (that deals with tummy rubbing cochinos) but add in a blog more often than not.