Thursday, December 24, 2009

In Memory of My Coma

Today is December 23rd. Today is my nephews birthday and my comadre Ludim. This is in her memory...

I am sure many of you have received those e-mails that talk about different types of people/friends that come into your life. Some are temporary (the ones that hurt you and you learn some grand lesson) while others are forever. Ludim Seja de Manzano definitely falls into the category of forever being in your mind, heart and soul.

I first met Ludim while I was a student at Santa Monica Community College. A group of students were taken to CSUN to check out the campus. It was nearly the end of our trip when she came to our table to say hello. The first thing that stood out were her beautiful eyes and smile. She welcomed us and answered our questions in regards to the university.

It was this same person that gave me a job on campus in her office. From here, an eternal friendship developed. She always had her door open for anyone to come in whether it was in regards to school or personal. She helped many students get into CSUN.

As a friend I constantly turned to her for advice. She always made you look inside yourself for the answer. Ludim had a way of building our confidence and putting life in the simplest of terms.

On September 11th, yes that September 11th...when most people stayed glued to the television with updates about New York, Ludim was diagnosed with cancer. I remember our first prayer circle in her home. Every friend was there and we put all our positive energy into prayer asking God to heal her. Ludim fought a courageous battle with family, friends and her soulmate Tino by her side.

I won't continue on this in detail because what is really important is how blessed I was to have her in my life. I continue to be blessed by having her family in my life and I am passing these memories of her on to my children. May they be blessed to have a Ludim in their lives when they are older.

I miss you coma. Te quiero mucho.

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