Monday, December 21, 2009

Bad nina....

This past weekend it was my God daughter's 15th birthday. Her father threw her a beautiful party where my son danced all night until he passed out (not from alcohol but from exhaustion people, he is only two).
As I rushed to the mall on Saturday because remember, it was the week from hell with Xmas parties, school performances, girl scouts etc... (read previous blog). When I walked in, I stopped dead in my tracks trying to figure out what to get her. I had a moment of awakening. Here she was 15 and when was the last time I talked to her? I didn't know what type of music she listens to, I didn't know what kind of books she likes to read. All I really knew was that she always plays sports and was now 15. She was no longer the little baby I held at the church promising to her parents, people in the church and to God that I would be the best madrina. This is where you see the images of me flogging myself chanting "por mi culpa, por mi culpa."
I called my compadre asking for some help. He wasn't. He said she didn't need anything. Oh sure, let me show up empty handed and then really be the nina from hell. I did find out her favorite shoes are Vans. It is now in my memory bank. What did I give her? Cash. I also found out from her sister that she likes to shop. Heck, who doesn't?

Well, I am making a resolution people. I will get to know my God children better than I do. I have already become facebook friends with my God daughter. I intend to get to know her and visit a lot more often. As for my God son, I will ask him what is better for him, phone, letters, emails, carrier pigeon, whatever it takes. I do love them with all my heart and their parents as well. My comadre once said that people move on after you die and they sometimes forget. Not everyone coma. You are in my thoughts everyday. Your picture is in my kitchen because that is where I spend the most time. I talk to you on a constant basis and though I don't see my compadre and my God daughter as often, they are in my thoughts, prayers and most importantly, my heart. This person doesn't forget.

So I make this plea, this call of awakening to all padrinos and madrinas out there. We all took an oath to protect these children, to help guide them. Bring back the beautiful art of communication and pass on whatever words of wisdom you have. Remember, your word is most powerful. Life is short...make it meaningful.

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