Friday, October 9, 2009

Confessions of a PTA President.....

Yes, you are reading correctly. Yours truly is this year's PTA President. It was pretty sticky in the summer because we were thinking of disbanding PTA. The reasons are many which will make for a great story in the future but the end result is that we are still alive!

I won't let Sarah (PTA President for 4 years) out of reach because I constantly go to her for advice. I told her she is my consigliere (think Godfather - Robert Duvall). Hmmm....will I leave any bloody horse heads in people's bed? Only if they try to get crazy at the meetings. Just kidding mi gente. We have a great team. Chef Melissa is our treasurer and the queen for those baked goods, Dalia and Martita are the VP's and the Spanish translators for letters and flyers and last but not least the always smiling Jennifer Wilson who is our secretary and the good karma to always be around.

Tomorrow is our second meeting. I hope to do much better instead of stuttering through the first one, wow. That was bad.

Any advice? I will take it but can people stop telling me "Good Luck Sucka!"