Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is how I roll......

If I were a rapper, they would be called my crew. If I were a cowboy, they would be my posse. If I were an animal they would be my herd, my den or my litter. If I were Mexican they would be my gang....wait! I am Mexican. They are not my little gang but my little mocosos, esquinkles, my adorable clan.

Rarely do I go anywhere without the car being full. To this I refer to my two daughters, my son and neice who we call the twins (Monday-Thursday only. OK sometimes weekends) and usually 1-2 friends for a playdate. Needless to say, the Land Cruiser is full. If I carpool anymore kids I will need to upgrade to a minibus (Like Jon & Kate).

Today for example, I had the crew which during the school year includes our neighbor Natalie. She is an awesome little 6 year old who loves the twins and helps keep them entertained. Well being the first day of school the mothership (me) also had made dentists appointments for the girls after school. Mind you, Maite said today was her favorite day because she started school and was going to the dentist. WOW! May she always feel like that.

Luckily the twins were asleep as we picked up the girls and headed to the best dentist in Marina Del Rey. Once we got there, I was a little nervous going into the office door pushing the double stroller mumbling a prayer to God to be really good if he helped me. You moms out there know. There is nothing worse than a melt down at the doctor's office. Surprisingly enough, those babies behaved. They sat on the floor and played with the whole case of trains I packed. (I also had goldfish crackers as back up and if it got really bad, I had the mighty bribe of CANDY)

What was funny was the guy sitting in the reception area. I just knew he was trying to figure out if all those kids were mine. Well. They are. Whether I gave birth to them or not, they are with me. When I don't have the twins, I am always asked "Where are the babies?" I just don't know what to do with my hands if I am not pushing that double stroller.
So just know this. I will be rolling with the homies (this is where the scene from Clueless comes to you).

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