Monday, September 7, 2009

Keeping her strong...but she has to listen to me. Carajo.

Maite is my little viking, the chispa that never dies. I keep trying to convince her that at 6 years of age throwing tantrums is not cute. All it does is make me chase her to the room with a chancla in hand. She also reminds me of the Spanish saying "solo borachos y ninos dicen la verdad" (drunks and children speak honestly). Trust me, she has no problem saying what's on her mind. She loves calling me "her big beautiful squishy mama". I told her that sounds like an octopus and that she should just call me her beautiful mama. Ayyyy yayyyy.

I love that she is strong willed, lives by her rules, doesn't let anyone rain on her parade but at the same time she is the one "que me saca las canas" (she makes me get more gray hairs). And on a budget, I can't always get my hair done by fabulous Craig.

She told my sister of a dream she had. Why she didn't tell me, I can not answer. She probably knew that I would start asking way to many questions trying to analyze every part of the dream. I know, I am crazy like that. Back to the dream....

Maite had a boy fish that was her boy friend. Not a novio, an amigo. Remember she is 6. Well this fish told her that he was going to marry her. (I know, what happened to the fact that they were just friends. Ask Beto.) She said no. He said yes I am. She said no you are not. He said yes I am. So she ate him. I LOVE THIS STORY! My hija put that fish in his place.

I told my sister that I hope she always keeps this attitude when it comes to boys. Because we all know, we get "tontas in love" especially the first time. If I would of listened to my mom when she said "I don't like him. He doesn't look me in the eyes when he talks to me" it would have saved me from stupid mistakes and a broken heart.

As mothers we don't want our babies to repeat the same mistakes. We want to shield them from pain and pendejos. As a reminder for Maite, I have written this story into a journal and will show it to her when it comes time. My wish is that she chooses someone that is like her papa.

Meanwhile, I will love my little chispa and keep chasing her with the chancla.

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