Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mom, that CD is broken.....

I love music. Just ask my mom. In high school and college, I spent a good percentage of my money on vinyl, and later CD's. I also worked in the music industry for over 12 years and CD swapped with various labels. Needless to say, I LOVE MUSIC.

There are certain songs you hear for the first time and you know it will be on your favorite list forever. You might hear it on the radio like the first time I heard Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me." In my single days, I would fall asleep listening to the radio, sometimes the songs would meld into my dreams and I would awake asking myself if that song exists? Well it took me a few weeks to hear it again and learn that it was Bonnie Raitt. It was so perfect at the time because I really liked someone that was not meant to be (which was better in the long run).

I have also found music through movies. I love the Guy Ritchie films because he uses really good music throughout his films. If you have ever seen the movie "My Life Without Me" you will be introduced to some great music. I saw the movie over 1-2 years ago and there is a scene with Mark Ruffalo and Sarah Polley in the laundromat. As he sits on the chair and watches her sleep a song is playing in the background. It was this song that I was determined to find who sang it and where I could buy it. Well the credits rolled too fast on cable and I never found it until last week. I recorded the movie on the DVR and rolled the credits to figure out the name of the song and the artist. Zoom to the present, two years later. The album is titled "Come From Heaven" by Alpha.

Excited by my Amazon purchase, I asked the girls if they wanted to hear it and we ran to my room. Yes, I still run on occasion. It was short distance. As the song started, both girls wrinkled their noses and Maia said to me" Mom, that CD is no good, it has scratchy sounds." I explained to them that it was part of the song and that you hear that noise when you play a vinyl record. Well I realized, my children don't know vinyl records. We do have a record player but Maite busted the needle when she was 2 years old and we never replaced it. Caramba! With technology moving so fast, they haven't experienced the joy of listening to an album on vinyl.
Needless to say, I have told Chuy we need to buy a needle and play some great albums for them.

I still have a pretty good collection of 45's (Brenton Wood, Gap Band and Motown artists) and an album collection of soul and jazz artists. Music is much richer than digital and it's the scratchy imperfections that make it perfect. It's this world that I look forward to introducing them to. Chuy, get to Guitar Center and get that needle!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is how I roll......

If I were a rapper, they would be called my crew. If I were a cowboy, they would be my posse. If I were an animal they would be my herd, my den or my litter. If I were Mexican they would be my gang....wait! I am Mexican. They are not my little gang but my little mocosos, esquinkles, my adorable clan.

Rarely do I go anywhere without the car being full. To this I refer to my two daughters, my son and neice who we call the twins (Monday-Thursday only. OK sometimes weekends) and usually 1-2 friends for a playdate. Needless to say, the Land Cruiser is full. If I carpool anymore kids I will need to upgrade to a minibus (Like Jon & Kate).

Today for example, I had the crew which during the school year includes our neighbor Natalie. She is an awesome little 6 year old who loves the twins and helps keep them entertained. Well being the first day of school the mothership (me) also had made dentists appointments for the girls after school. Mind you, Maite said today was her favorite day because she started school and was going to the dentist. WOW! May she always feel like that.

Luckily the twins were asleep as we picked up the girls and headed to the best dentist in Marina Del Rey. Once we got there, I was a little nervous going into the office door pushing the double stroller mumbling a prayer to God to be really good if he helped me. You moms out there know. There is nothing worse than a melt down at the doctor's office. Surprisingly enough, those babies behaved. They sat on the floor and played with the whole case of trains I packed. (I also had goldfish crackers as back up and if it got really bad, I had the mighty bribe of CANDY)

What was funny was the guy sitting in the reception area. I just knew he was trying to figure out if all those kids were mine. Well. They are. Whether I gave birth to them or not, they are with me. When I don't have the twins, I am always asked "Where are the babies?" I just don't know what to do with my hands if I am not pushing that double stroller.
So just know this. I will be rolling with the homies (this is where the scene from Clueless comes to you).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Keeping her strong...but she has to listen to me. Carajo.

Maite is my little viking, the chispa that never dies. I keep trying to convince her that at 6 years of age throwing tantrums is not cute. All it does is make me chase her to the room with a chancla in hand. She also reminds me of the Spanish saying "solo borachos y ninos dicen la verdad" (drunks and children speak honestly). Trust me, she has no problem saying what's on her mind. She loves calling me "her big beautiful squishy mama". I told her that sounds like an octopus and that she should just call me her beautiful mama. Ayyyy yayyyy.

I love that she is strong willed, lives by her rules, doesn't let anyone rain on her parade but at the same time she is the one "que me saca las canas" (she makes me get more gray hairs). And on a budget, I can't always get my hair done by fabulous Craig.

She told my sister of a dream she had. Why she didn't tell me, I can not answer. She probably knew that I would start asking way to many questions trying to analyze every part of the dream. I know, I am crazy like that. Back to the dream....

Maite had a boy fish that was her boy friend. Not a novio, an amigo. Remember she is 6. Well this fish told her that he was going to marry her. (I know, what happened to the fact that they were just friends. Ask Beto.) She said no. He said yes I am. She said no you are not. He said yes I am. So she ate him. I LOVE THIS STORY! My hija put that fish in his place.

I told my sister that I hope she always keeps this attitude when it comes to boys. Because we all know, we get "tontas in love" especially the first time. If I would of listened to my mom when she said "I don't like him. He doesn't look me in the eyes when he talks to me" it would have saved me from stupid mistakes and a broken heart.

As mothers we don't want our babies to repeat the same mistakes. We want to shield them from pain and pendejos. As a reminder for Maite, I have written this story into a journal and will show it to her when it comes time. My wish is that she chooses someone that is like her papa.

Meanwhile, I will love my little chispa and keep chasing her with the chancla.