Saturday, August 29, 2009

Go Ask Beto....

Did your mother ever have a famous saying that you completely heard wrong?
Well I do....

Once upon a time when I was a young, single Latina joining my mother in the kitchen....(this is where you hear the harp music)

My sister and I were asking my mother a question and she responded "Ve tu ha de saber" which roughly translates to "You should know". My sister and I heard "Beto ha de saber." We looked at each other and wondered the same thing, who the heck is Beto and why should he know?
We asked her who Beto was and she shot us a look that needed no translation. Par de mensas, de que estan hablando?

This now has become a joke between us now. When we are not sure about something, we tell each other to go ask Beto.

And on the flip side.. our dad the beloved Cleto or Cletus as the neighbor used to call day in anger yelled "hoddamodit". WHAT?! We (Lucy and I) sat there repeating the word slowly trying to break it down in syllables. Hod-a-mod-it? No. Hod-amodit. Oh! God damn it!
It was his accent and a couple of Budweisers that made it sound like that.

So we, the Alamillo daughters now use both expressions. Hodamodit is so the children don't hear our swearing and it's not really a sin if you don't actually say God, is it?

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