Monday, May 4, 2009


Wow! After saying I was going to set up a blog month after month, I am finally here. Bienvenidos to my blog.

Here you will read about my thoughts, dreams, "chismes" on my life as a Latina mother, wife and a member of this grand universe. I may every now and then have a potty mouth because if you know me, I can cuss like a sailor. I am working on it. I will also post photographs to share with you because I can and it will give me a chance to show off some skills.

Just know this, it will all be from a positive space because God knows there is enough of the other stuff floating around in this world.

A few things to remember about yours truly. I switch very easily back and forth from Spanish to English or as some refer to Spanglish. I don't use transitional sentences because I forget.

Why the title? A long time ago when I was a single Latina working my way in the world of music publicity, I had a pair of hot red shoes. Life was all about the clothes and the shoes. It still is....but not mine. It is the clothes and shoes I pick up from the living room, kitchen and bedrooms of my 3 beautiful children who are also the inspiration of this blog.

Before I forget....Thank you, thank you, thank you Sarah Auerswald (yes people, the same one that was on La Oprah) for getting me started. You rock! A big Walter Mercado "mucho amor" to my sister/best friend Lucy and last but definitely not least, to my "media naranja" for always believing in me, encouraging me and loving me for who I am. We are great together and in the words of Denise "we make cute babies."

Read on mi gente and hopefully I can give you a few chuckles in your day.

Un beso. And remember "All we need is love"

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