Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Power of the chancla

The Power of the Chancla.

Latinos are raised on tradition. From meals, to holidays to everyday chores, we are used to doing it a certain way that was passed on from our parents. One of these traditions is "la chancla." If you ask your fellow Latino whether or not they have a “chancla” story, I am sure they will tell you a good one that will bring tears to your eyes .
A chancla is a slipper, sandal, an everyday shoe worn by mama. It is the weapon held high in the air and waved by our mothers when she is threatening us to behave or else. It is the boomerang thrown at the “mocoso” running away after beating up his/her sister or brother. The chancla always hit its target.

You may ask yourself, how do you get the power of the chancla? Know that it is something passed down in the genes and once you become a mother, poof. You have it. Every now and then there are those that must develop the power because it doesn’t come naturally. Yours truly is one of those.

Case in point….when my daughter Maia was about 4 years old we were coming out of the house and there was a cat on my car. I was trying to scare it away but those wild alley cats are tough. So I carefully slipped off my flip-flop (my chancla of choice) and flung it at the cat summoning all my power into the chancla. The chancla went the other direction. Maia looked at me and declared “mom, you don’t have the power of the chancla.” My husband thought I was pitiful. Had this talent skipped a generation? Should I have cried to my ancestors, “ give me the strength to hit the frickin’ cat”? Now how would I scare my children into doing what they were told?

Needless to say, I never redeemed myself from the virginal throw of the chancla. I have become better at hitting my targets (stay away cats!) and my ancestors now smile upon me. Please know this is a secret tradition passed along to our families because those who don’t understand will call child services. In reality it is the threat (the bark not the bite) that gets those kids moving. Those in the realm of the chancla know that it only happens when it is well deserved.

Walk in peace my sistas.

Monday, May 4, 2009

ok people, this is actually my first blog I tested on some family and friends. Happy reading...

Dios Me Ampare

I often heard my mother yell the words “Dios me apare.” I never really understood why she said it until now. I am the mother of 3 beautiful children that I often threaten to sell to the gypsies. Not really. Now for those readers of “no habla espanol”, the phrase translates roughly to “God help me” or in the words of the Carrie Underwood song “Jesus, Take The Wheel.” Which by the way, I found myself yelling in the kitchen as I looked up to the ceiling. It isn’t until now that I find myself constantly saying these words in my head. Ahhh, that’s what mom meant. It was a cry for emotional and spiritual help from the frustration of her children not listening. And now, it is my turn. Personally, I would like to put it on a t-shirt.

I have to be focused on God to help me or else I turn to my favorite vocabulary word “f**k”. And there are plenty of variations, “F**k this”, “What The F**k?”, “F**k, F**k, F**k”and the ever favorite, “F**k Me.” Side note: It isn’t as good as the blogger mom who wants to use the word mother fucker and platypus in the same sentence. Kudos. That one brought tears to my eyes.

And only another mother can understand the “Dios Me Ampare” because it is truly something experienced. And with this, I hope to bring the Latina perspective (or the pocha experience) of motherhood to your eyes. Also, I have a habit of jumping topics without a transitional sentence. Only my sister hears the transition in my brain. Love you Lucy. May you experience laughter and or sympathy for the stories to be told. But know, all is told with “amor.” Love.
After all, isn’t that the solution for this crazy world that we live in?


Wow! After saying I was going to set up a blog month after month, I am finally here. Bienvenidos to my blog.

Here you will read about my thoughts, dreams, "chismes" on my life as a Latina mother, wife and a member of this grand universe. I may every now and then have a potty mouth because if you know me, I can cuss like a sailor. I am working on it. I will also post photographs to share with you because I can and it will give me a chance to show off some skills.

Just know this, it will all be from a positive space because God knows there is enough of the other stuff floating around in this world.

A few things to remember about yours truly. I switch very easily back and forth from Spanish to English or as some refer to Spanglish. I don't use transitional sentences because I forget.

Why the title? A long time ago when I was a single Latina working my way in the world of music publicity, I had a pair of hot red shoes. Life was all about the clothes and the shoes. It still is....but not mine. It is the clothes and shoes I pick up from the living room, kitchen and bedrooms of my 3 beautiful children who are also the inspiration of this blog.

Before I forget....Thank you, thank you, thank you Sarah Auerswald (yes people, the same one that was on La Oprah) for getting me started. You rock! A big Walter Mercado "mucho amor" to my sister/best friend Lucy and last but definitely not least, to my "media naranja" for always believing in me, encouraging me and loving me for who I am. We are great together and in the words of Denise "we make cute babies."

Read on mi gente and hopefully I can give you a few chuckles in your day.

Un beso. And remember "All we need is love"